Mitzvah Torah
The 50 gates to heaven study attentive listening orderly speech understanding intuitive insight awe reverence humility joy purity attendance on scholars debate with colleagues discussion with students deliberation knowlege of the scriptures moderation in business affairs moderation in worldly affairs moderation in pleasure moderation in sleep moderation in conversation moderation in frivolity patience good naturedness trust in the sages uncomplaining acceptance of suffering knows his place is content with his lot in life limits his words does not claim credit for his achievements is beloved loves God loves mankind loves acts of charity and kindness loves straightforwardness loves admonition shuns honor is not conceited with his learning does not delight in dictating decisions shares the burden of his fellow man and judges him favorably directs him to the truth and to peace is composed in his learning asks pertinent questions and answers to the point listens and adds to his learning studies in order to teach increases the wisdom of his teacher Notes accurately what he has learned Quotes a thing in the name of the person who said it